Building Info

Les Terrasses Francesca

Centurion Building Management

Senior Property Manager

Milana Janiatovic

Phone: (343) 597-1661


Property Manager

Suleman Lalani


Maintenance Team

Omari and Jorge

Centurion Maintenance Service Requests


Building Address

Administration Office

1425 Vanier Parkway, Ottawa ON K1K 3W6

24/7 Centurion Emergency Support


Visiting Our Building

Short Term Parking

There are some free short term guest parking spots in our courtyard.

Indoor Visitor Parking

For visits longer than 30 minutes, guests are asked to sign-in with the concierge desk.

You will be asked to provide your car make, model, colour, license plate & province.

You will receive a parking permit and FOB to open our garage door.

You will then proceed down to P1 to the Visitor Parking area, and park in the spot you have been assigned on your parking permit.

Visitor Parking Map

Download the map here for larger printable version

Building Services

  • Dry Cleaning

  • Canada Post

  • Fed Ex

Apartment Tips

Washing Machine Phosphate Build-Up

If you are getting coloured streaks in your laundry here’s how to get rid of them:

1. The machines need very little detergent. It is recommended that you only use 2 teaspoons of liquid HE Laundry Detergent per load

2. Don’t overload your machine

3. Hot Water Washes, do them just before you shower. Let the water run in the shower until it is hot, then start the washing machine.

4. Most Important: These machines get a build of phosphates in them over time. It is recommended that you purchase AFFresh for Washing Machines from Canadian Tire, Loblaws, or Home Depot and follow the instructions to remove the phosphates from your machine.

Building Notes

Just a reminder please don’t flush Lysol wipes or any other type of disinfectant wipes down the toilet, they cause blockages

Apartment Numbering System

Les Terrasses Francesca consists of two interconnected apartment buildings.

At the front entrance to reach the Tower, you turn left, to reach the Low Rise, you turn right.

The Tower has 16 floors, the apartment numbers range from 01 up to 15. Example: apt 115, apt 301, apt 1515.

The Low Rise has 6 floors , the apartment numbers range from 16 up to 50.  Example: apt 118, apt 350, apt 636.

Have a Medical Emergency?

CALL 911

And do the following:

  • Call the front desk (613) 240-3202 and notify them that you have called 911, give your unit #;

  • Ask that an elevator be brought to the ground floor;

  • If possible have someone to meet the emergency crew at the door of your unit with details; and

  • If alone, make sure the door is unlocked.

Non-Emergency Websites

Ottawa Police

Ottawa Fire Department

Ottawa Paramedic Services

Make a Police Report

Overbrook Crime Reports

Web: Crime Reports

Ottawa Police Drug Unit

Phone: 613-236-1222, ext. 5080

Crime Stoppers

Anonymous tips can be submitted

Phone (toll-free)  1-800-222-8477


Thank you for visiting!

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